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 The Rules of Doomness

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PostSubject: The Rules of Doomness   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:23 am

1.) No godmoding! (They can be alittle but don't get out of control)

2.) No killing of people unless you have the permission of the person playing the character.

3.) Keep the romance PG-13 any farther go to PM

4.) Use (( )) when out of character or the roleplay

5.) I may add a few rule so be sure to check this sometimes

6.) Follow Rules!

7.) Need a profile for all characters!

8.) Follow these rules and I can change them when ever I want okay >.<

9.) I make the rules, you have to follow them and please no arguing with me -.-

10.) Do not hit the character unless they allow it

11.) Use " " when talking

12.) Be semi-literate!
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The Rules of Doomness
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